As gas prices soar, thieves steal thousands of dollars worth of gas to resell, authorities say

By Jalen Beckford, CNN

(CNN) — With the national average price of gasoline hitting $5 a gallonand prices should keep going upGasoline thefts are reported across the country, and police say it’s not just a few gallons that are siphoned from vehicles.

Now thieves are pumping thousands of dollars worth of fuel from gas stations and reselling it on the black market, authorities say.

Two men have been arrested in connection with the theft of thousands of dollars worth of gasoline from a Virginia Beach Citgo gas station, according to the Virginia Beach Police Department.

Officers began investigating after noticing an unusual number of people pumping gas and congregating at the Citgo, which was closed at the time, a Press release declared.

Officers discovered the use of devices to illegally obtain gasoline from pumps and individuals selling the gasoline at a lower price, the statement said.

They also “announced the operation on social media,” according to the statement.

The suspects are charged with grand larceny, conspiracy and possession of burglary tools, the statement said. Authorities say the investigation is ongoing.

CNN Affiliate WESH in Orlandoin Florida, reported that police in nearby St. Cloud are looking for two people who allegedly stole more than 1,000 gallons of fuel from a gas station, using what police believe was a large tank in the unused bed to store fuel.

CNN Affiliate KVVU in Las VegasNevada, reported that highly modified vehicles are being used to steal tens of thousands of gallons from local gas stations, authorities say.

And in Greenville, South Carolina, CNN affiliate WHNS reports the police made several arrests for fuel thefts. Authorities believe thousands of dollars worth of fuel was stolen.

President Joe Biden invited oil company executives to a meeting next week discuss high gas prices.

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