Baker makes a life-size deer with a cake for a client’s wedding

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When you imagine the most breathtaking wedding cake you’ve ever seen, we assume it doesn’t look like a living, breathing beast.

While tiered cakes with luscious white frosting and edible flowers are perfect for the occasion, a Baker in Pennsylvania used all the tools in it decoration kit give one outdoors pair a cake that none of their guests will ever forget when they got married in 2019.

Pam McNeal, the cake decoration supervisor at Shady Maple Farmer’s Market in East Earl, gained some fame online when the cake was featured by his employer on Facebook. The result was a life-size male, with a pair of antlers and plenty of details that would make anyone see him sitting at a banquet table look twice.

“Really amazing work,” the store wrote in the post with an image of McNeal standing with his creation. Perhaps that is an understatement.

Since its publication, the photo has elicited more than 2,000 reactions and has been shared more than 3,000 times on the platform. The comments were inundated with people complimenting McNeal’s work and talking about other cakes she’s made – but some couldn’t resist the opportunity to make a recurring joke.

“How much does it cost?” wrote commentator Jay Byerly. “A dollar? “

The store has not commented on the cost of the cake or explained in more detail how McNeal created it, but employees there open about the process at WTXF-TV in Philadelphia. They told the station it took 10 hours and could serve around 250 people. The neck and head were styrofoam – and the antlers were the real deal, supplied by the couple who ordered it – but everything else was a piece of cake.

Shady Maple Farm Market has lots of followers on Facebook and has shared many more snapshots of his wonderful animal themed treats. pastry shop. Here’s one that looks like a pig playing in messy mud that frankly deserved more love on social media.

A pair of cuddly tigers made from cake were put on a dessert platter for a family’s Christmas cake by the store’s bakery staff. We don’t know how the season relates, but the result is fantastic.

But our favorite might be this cake version of an adorable dog with a litter of cupcakes. The details given to each breed are mind-boggling.

Obviously, the bakers at Shady Maple Farm Market are not kidding.

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