Coastal Grandma: Shop the tongue-in-cheek $30 tote bag everyone carries

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Known for its monogrammed, weatherproof children’s backpacks”Bean BootsLLBean has certainly left his mark on fashion. I’ve covered my fair share of viral trends – peep micro mini skirts and goblincore– but none are smarter than the brand’s current obsession Boat and tote bag become an ironic fashion statement. Loved by soccer mums and coastal grandmothers near or far, this bag just got a fresh, fashion-forward update courtesy of Instagram.

In February 2022, Gracie Wiener started on @ironicboatandtote Instagram account to post photos of the bag with ironic words and phrases on it. The account has grown on instagram and ICT Tac Lately, thank you to Millennials and Gen-Zers who find joy in revamping a bag their mothers and grandmothers would have carried to family picnics and kids’ sports games.

The tote itself has the simplest design dating back to 1944. It was originally intended to transport ice from your car to your cooler due to its sturdy canvas material. Now you’ll see it at the beach, on the train, at the grocery store, and slung over the shoulders of ~edgy~ trendsetters.

Made in Maine (aka a hot spot for coastal grandmothers), heavy canvas material, durable handles and contrasting colors make this bag as functional as it is stylish. The brand even claims that it can hold up to 500 pounds. Additionally, you can monogram a letter, word or phrase – like all the cool kids do these days – to give it a modern, sarcastic twist.

Ahead, find inspiration for your own Boat and tote bag and where to buy it before all the coastal grandmas, soccer mums and Instagram girls beat you up.

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Photo: LLBean.

If you thought there were limits to this handbag, think again. It comes in 10 colors, with the most popular being classics like black, red, green, navy, and bright blue. You can also choose from small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes, as well as regular and long handle lengths. And if that wasn’t enough, select the font style and color as well. LLBean really got the job done by offering so many design options and ways to customize the bag.

Now that you understand the gist of the bag itself, keep scrolling for our favorite irony. boat and tote bags from @ironicboatandtote Instagram account and choose your player for your own bag.

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Why buy an expensive AF Birkin when you can have one LLBean’s $29 Tote Bag?

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