Costco faces bitter legal controversy in home state – eat this, not that


Even if you love Costco, sometimes you hear news that makes you cringe. After a three-year brawl, a group of Washington residents have filed a federal lawsuit involving the warehouse chain as their battle reaches a disturbing new stage.

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affiliated with local Seattle NBC television, King5 News, reported Friday that residents of Lake Stevens, Washington, a city about 40 miles north of Costco’s Seattle headquarters, were strongly protesting the development of a new Costco location in their community.

A spokesperson for the residents’ group said residents in the area have opposed the plans for three years, filing lawsuits and packing city council meetings.

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Opponents of Costco’s plan to build a new location there have now filed a federal lawsuit, apparently against the Army Corps of Engineers, which the plaintiffs say they did not go through the proper process to develop 40 acres of natural wetlands. (which would have already been covered with backfill). “They didn’t take the right steps,” said Doug Turner, a resident of Lake Stevens. “They rushed.”

Turner said he had been a resident of the community for 32 years and had run a grocery store there for years. Opponents like Turner are also concerned that the new Costco store is expected to increase vehicle traffic by 50% in parts of the community.

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King5 News suggests that supporters of the new Costco store believe it will bring 275 jobs to Lake Stevens, paying an average of around $ 24 an hour.

It is said that community leaders are also hoping it will restore more than $ 140 million in annual taxes on groceries, the city has clearly said it will lose to surrounding towns.

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The inhabitants organized themselves, forming a Facebook group and host a website called “Livable Lake Stevens”. Our news source said these neighbors believe this federal lawsuit is their last hope of keeping Costco at bay.

A Costco representative did not immediately respond to our request for comment.

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