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CAMPBELL, Calif., November 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via InvestorWire – Friendable Inc. (OTC: FDBL) (the “Company”), a mobile technology and marketing company, is pleased to announce the addition from ShamirMuzik to his artist platform Fan Pass Livestream. Fan Pass is preparing to develop a case study around ShamirMuzik, highlighting each step of its journey with the platform and showing how artists can use Fan Pass “Artist Pro” services to enhance their live broadcasts with personalized products, their own e-commerce store, ticket sales, tips and invitation to fans to download the app, which creates subscribers that are added to the monthly earnings designed for artists by the Fan Pass platform.

ShamirMuzik is just in the right place of the artists the company has targeted to showcase its offering and expand artist reach, revenue and visibility. As an artist currently with an indie label that has fans, social media followers, feeds and a genuine connection with his audience, Fan Pass will embrace ShamirMuzik’s journey to share with other artists in the form of a case study, which will run through the end of this year.

ShamirMuzik – Current Statistics

Spotify – 1 million + flows
Youtube – 1 million + flows
Instagram – 114,000+ subscribers
Youtube – 4,800+ subscribers | Over 1.4 million video views
Twitter – 1,200+ subscribers

“I am very happy to be embarking on my journey with Fan Pass. They are a great platform for artists to use, especially when it comes to connecting with your fan base and supporters. I encourage artists to join us because this is the future of a new wave that no one has seen yet, ”said ShamirMuzik.

“Our entire team is extremely happy to have ShamirMuzik on our Fan Pass Livestream platform,” said Friendable, Inc. CEO Robert A. Rositano Jr. “And with such an immediate connection to him as an artist So passionate about his craft, saw us as a huge opportunity to work closely with Shamir and our music PR partners at Lobeline Communications to create a case study that we can share as part of our offering to all artists.

“It’s easy to get excited and passionate about a product or set of services that you and your team envisioned, but it’s a whole different thing when you have an artist like ShamirMuzik feeling the same and has never been presented to Fan. Skip until now. With artists telling other artists about their experience, sharing with fans and allowing our team to share a case study that maps the next 60 days of Shamir’s journey with our platform, our company and our team, it’s huge. . We believe this is an important step as we also look to expand our platform, services and artist database in the coming months. “

Click here to watch ShamirMuzik’s first performance:

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About Friendable Inc.

Friendable Inc. is a mobile technology and marketing company focused on developing and identifying branded products, services and opportunities with mass market potential and scalability.

Friendable released its first mobile app on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store in 2014 in the social media and dating category. The Friendable app has reached over 1.5 million downloads, the world’s top 10 rankings, and has led to celebrity-related marketing opportunities and various relationships with well-known musical artists as well as up-and-coming independent artists. .

Friendable has since removed the social dating app from app stores and refocused its business on Fan Pass, its live artists platform. Launched on July 24, 2020, the Fan Pass live streaming platform has proven invaluable to artists and fans as the performances have moved from stage to screen.

Friendable was founded by brothers Robert A. Rositano Jr. and Dean Rositano, who have over 27 years of experience working together on technology-related projects.

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