Government to create national climate change fund


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Sukulwenkosi Dube-Matutu, columnist
The GOVERNMENT is working to establish a National Climate Change Fund that will help finance climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies.

This is in line with the National Climate Policy which entered into force in 2016. The government is committed to combating climate change in pursuit of sustainable development. Through this policy, the government wants to create a path towards a climate-resilient, low-carbon development economy in which people have sufficient adaptive capacity and continue to develop in harmony with the environment.

To achieve this, the National Climate Policy is supported by the National Climate Change Response Strategy, the National Adaptation Plan, the Low Carbon Development Strategy, the National Environmental Policy and the Strategic Document as well as other policies aimed at achieving sustainable development Adequate funding, cross-sectoral coordination, climate change science, research and systematic observations will form the backbone of actions towards a climate resilient Zimbabwe.

The government has launched the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1) which sets policy and strategic direction from this year until 2025. NDS1 has a pillar that focuses on climate change issues among others. environmental and natural resource management issues.

In an interview, the deputy director of the climate change management department of the Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hotel Industry, Mr. Kudzai Ndidzano, said they were in the process of developing a legal framework to support the establishment of the National Climate Change Fund.

“The ministry is working on setting up a National Climate Change Fund. This fund will help finance the climate change adaptation and mitigation initiatives that we deploy. The National Climate Policy provides for the creation of a National Climate Change Fund. We have just completed the development of the architecture in terms of sources of funds, modalities of access and management of funds, which is quite critical, ”he said.

Mr Ndidzano said they are now reviewing the legal provisions for the establishment of the fund and have since been informed that it must be supported by a statutory instrument or act of Parliament.

“We have started consultations to find the required legal instrument. Once we have the legal instrument in place, the management and other processes to establish the fund will be aligned, ”he said.

Mr. Ndidzano said the government, working with various partners, has deployed various strategies for climate change adaptation and mitigation within communities, such as solar powered irrigation systems, the Intwasa / Pfumvudza program and the construction of weirs, among others.

He said that in the meantime, the government was pursuing other initiatives to secure funding from multilateral climate finance institutions.

The ministry is also leading a national adaptation process in which it seeks to mainstream climate change into a number of national development policies and strategies.

Mr. Ndidzano said they have empowered provincial development committees across the country to prioritize actions that will improve adaptation to climate change or reduce the source of greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

The country has adopted various policies and strategies since the adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015, including the National Climate Policy, the Low Emission Development Strategy, the NDC Two-Way Communication Strategy, the Plan Roadmap national adaptation plan, the 2017 system development plan, renewable energy. Policy, Biofuels Policy, Revised National Gender Policy and Implementation Plan, National Water Resources Master Plan, National Agricultural Policy Framework, Climate Smart Agricultural Investment Plan and National Industrial Development Policy . – @DubeMatutu

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