History, significance and how is it celebrated in the United States

National 7-Eleven Day, also known as Free Slurpee Day, is celebrated in the United States on July 11 every year. The day marks the creation of the largest convenience store chain in the United States. To celebrate the day, all 7-Eleven stores nationwide are giving away their best-selling drink, “slurpees,” to customers for free. The slurpee is a signature frozen soft drink, available in different flavors at 7-Eleven stores.

Here’s everything you need to know about this unique day and celebration.


The convenience store chain was founded in 1927 as an ice-cream storefront and was called Tote’m Stores. After Japanese subsidiary Ito-Yokado acquired 70% of Tome’m Eleven in 1991, its name was changed to 7-Eleven. The celebration of National 7-Eleven Day began in 2002, when 7-Eleven began giving away its signature drink for free to celebrate its 75th anniversary.

As for the drink, it was discovered by Omar Knedlik by chance in the late 1950s. When Knedlik’s soda fountain broke down, he kept his sodas in the freezer to keep them cool. Because of this, the soda got muddy and the customers really enjoyed the drink. Knedlik then called the drink Icee until 7-Eleven reached a licensing deal and renamed it slurpee.


On this day, the retail chain gives away millions of free little slurpees from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time in the United States.

In 2021, the first 7-Eleven store in India opened in Mumbai, in collaboration with Reliance Retail. The store offers customers the unique convenience style of the world’s largest convenience retailer, exclusive foods and beverages, and products and delicacies created specifically for the local market.

Reliance Retail has already opened 11 stores and is expected to increase the number to 50 stores in Mumbai in the coming months. It also aims to bring 7-Eleven stores to the top 100 cities nationwide over the next few years.

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