How Eduardo G. Perez Jr. Led Prime Mortgage to Success Through Two Financial Crises

As the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the global economy and disrupted supply chains and financial systems, many companies have become leaders or laggards.

Equity Prime Mortgage (EPM), co-founded by Eduardo G. Perez Jr., current CEO, turned out to be the first. Equipped with the infrastructure and tools to survive economic turmoil, EPM has survived not one, but two economic crises as a housing company founded in 2008.

EPM is an approved mortgage lender serving locations across the United States. Offering a variety of mortgage products, with a team of certified underwriters and dedicated and experienced professionals, EPM seeks to empower all who cross its path.

Beyond its mortgage offerings that bring buyers closer to their dreams of home ownership, EPM is branching out and diversifying to work with media ambassadors such as Ric Flair and David Pollack, while developing a lifestyle brand. Staying one step ahead and positioning themselves as a force to watch in the industry, Perez has developed a team and company culture ready to adapt and survive any social or economic pressure that comes their way.

Starting a business during tough times

The creation of the company in the midst of the financial crisis of 2008, in the sector which was at the center of the crisis, forced EPM to overcome adversity, and they had to do it quickly. Working to make informed decisions at an efficient pace, Perez and his team had to not only regain their portfolio and funding, but also regain the confidence of the entire homebuyer market.

Additionally, with a wave of unemployment and the economic hardships all Americans face, employee and team morale was at an all-time low, making the prospect of starting a business very difficult. By uniting the organization and orienting it towards a larger vision, Perez was able to gain momentum that led them on the path of success that continues to this day.

EPM as a leader in The current crisis

Building a business with the prospect of overcoming immense external challenges led Perez to embed his business in a culture of hard work and commitment. By leading by example, he set the tone for the job until the job was done and steer the organization toward a more ambitious goal of empowering the American people to achieve the American Dream.

Flash forward to the present and EPM was already wired with the necessary mindset and skills to overcome the immense challenges and unpredictable conditions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With all aspects of the business – the mission, brokers, employees, personal loan offices – united behind the goal of helping bring property to the American people, EPM has built a reputation for quality. and relentless delivery. No crisis constituting a threat to their business, EPM is consistent in its preparation and eagerness to help clients use a diverse group of mortgage products to help them achieve their goals.

Posted on December 25, 2021

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