How to create an online store for free – Forbes Advisor

A niche helps your audience understand what your store is about. It also makes it easier to target keywords and create content that will attract people. For example, if you sell clothing, your niche might be “plus size women’s workwear.” If someone asks their friends and family for recommendations on plus size workwear for women, you want them to recommend your online store as a go-to source for your product.

Niche ideas include:

  • DIY hydroponic equipment
  • Book publishing services
  • Organic tea
  • fitness printables
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Custom furniture
  • Homeopathic remedies and supplements
  • Holiday packages for people with special needs
  • Tutoring services

If you sell services, you can often charge a premium by having a specialized niche. For example, a dentist who needs to hire a writer for their clinic blog can hire any writer, but will recognize a dental office writer as a specialist and pay more.

Product-oriented businesses usually use a store name, while service-oriented businesses often use the repairer’s name. Whatever your niche or type of product or service, your name should be easy to spell, memorable, and have a domain name and social media ID.

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