How to start a mortgage brokerage from scratch


This emphasis on making sure new agents have the tools and support they need to be successful has become doubly relevant in today’s climate, with new mortgage advisors often being immersed in a hectic and intimidating environment right from the start. departure.

For Hastings, creating a culture that allows new team members to flourish is one of the most important aspects of running a successful brokerage firm and ensuring optimal support, which ‘it’s answering agent calls during the working day or at six in the morning.

“We really do a lot to make them feel welcome and comfortable very quickly,” she said. “From the moment they’re hired, they make a call with me, a welcome call with our office manager, we send them a welcome package with a letter from the mortgage coach.

“We’ve set it up so that other senior agents at the brokerage will contact them and introduce themselves – just so they have another friendly face or a voice they can call if they have a question.”

Adapt to the new normal

Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a radical adjustment for mortgage professionals across the country – an adjustment that presented its own unique challenges as offices emptied and the work-from-home revolution began.

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