Lisa Says Gah Nordstrom Pop-In: Check Out The Brand’s Colorful Collection

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We all have that friend who always seems to have the the coolest Things. They probably wore checkered claw clips before it was cool and were one of the first people to make a DIY foam mirror. This friend is asked about his colorful, sustainably produced sweaters, loves a good clog, and probably carries a reusable tote bag. This friend could be you, Where it could be Lisa—Lisa Says Gah, the quirky and colorful e-tailer that exclusively showcases independent designers. It’s a beloved site for TikTok-influenced shoppers, and for a limited time, there will be a Pop-in Lisa says Gah Nordstrom so you can shop for handmade treasures in-store or online at your favorite major retailer.

Lisa says Gah did a few small pop-ups in urban areas before that are usually discoverable via Instagram, so it’s exciting that the Nordstrom Pop-In is widely purchasable for people across the country. In addition to her eponymous label, Lisa Says Gah’s pop-in features a curated collection of smaller designers spanning the apparel, accessories and home decor spaces, like Susan Alexandra, Tyler McGillivary and Fuugly.

The designers behind these independent brands value sustainable practices and often offer handmade pieces from unsold fabrics. The colorful patterns have a vintage feel (think ’70s daisies, swirls and checks), meaning they have the added benefit of embodying 2022’s top fashion trends while maintaining classic longevity. Items are priced slightly higher than your fast fashion favorites, but hey, that’s because they’re ethically made to last.

Whether you’re looking to give your home decor makeover or just add a barrette to your hair, Lisa Says Gah will help you start your year on a happy note with some maximalist pieces. Go ahead and be that cool friend: shop the entire collection here or read on for my favorite picks below.

STYLECASTER |  Lisa says Gah Nordstrom

Courtesy of Lisa says Gah.

Dakota clogs

Clogs are a big shoe trend for 2022 and it’s comfortable flowered pair Comes in five different pattern/color options. Ddon’t forget to wear them with a fun pair of socks for more contrast!

STYLECASTER |  Lisa says Gah Nordstrom

Courtesy of Tyler McGillivary.

Samara Long Sleeve Fit and Flare Blouse

Yes Bridgerton and That 70s show had a child, he would look like this amazing Tyler McGillivary blouse. The corset and bra cup detail on the front gives the shirt a unique structured shape. Tyler McGillivary’s collection is available in sizes XS-4XL, so go ahead and get that too matching pants.

STYLECASTER |  Lisa says Gah Nordstrom

Courtesy of Rose Greenberg.

Polka Dot and Scribble Blueberry Fleece Accent Pillow

Reversible! Peas! Handmade! Who knew a decorative pillow could have it all? This blue polka dot cushion will make a statement against white bedding or a neutral sofa, so it’s an easy way to elevate a room.

STYLECASTER |  Lisa says Gah Nordstrom

Courtesy of Lisa says Gah.

Battenberg Cropped Cardigan

This Lisa Says Gah Plaid Cardigan gives racer-chic speed. Wear it fully buttoned up like a shirt or throw it over a solid tank top.

The Lisa Says Gah Pop-In also features funky home decor from smaller interior design brands like Susan Alexandra, KJP, and Fuugly. The pieces are high quality, colorful and perfect for brightening up a small space.

STYLECASTER |  Lisa says Gah Nordstrom

Courtesy of Chunks.

Scribble Hair Clip

Don’t forget to accessorize your hair! The Lisa Says Gah pop-in includes many colorful barrettes and this orange scribble option from the Chunks brand is an instant serotonin boost for $14.

STYLECASTER |  Lisa says Gah Nordstrom

Courtesy of Lisa says Gah.

Bailey lounge set with long sleeve top and drawstring pants

This green set will instantly put you in the right mood for work-from-home days or a fun night out. (Psst, the swirling heart print also makes this the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.)

STYLECASTER |  Lisa says Gah Nordstrom

Courtesy of KJP.

Celestial bath towel

Forget rubber duckies, bath time can be fun again with these KJP floral towels! The 100% organic cotton towels come in three complementary colors, so you can mix and match them.

STYLECASTER |  Lisa says Gah Nordstrom

Courtesy of Fuugly.

Checkerboard Mirror

This blue checkerboard mirror will make both your reflection and your walls Well. The frame is handcrafted and made in the USA, so it’s definitely worth the little investment.

STYLECASTER |  Lisa says Gah Nordstrom

Courtesy of Tyler McGillivary.

Rosario knit pants

This pair of black flared pants prove that wardrobe staples don’t have to be boring. Vintage button details on the front and side panels add the perfect amount of 70s fun.

STYLECASTER |  Lisa says Gah Nordstrom

Courtesy of Susan Alexandra.

Broadway Beaded Tissue Box Cover

Susan Alexandra is known for designing beautiful beaded treasures and that glittering tissue box holder is a fabulous example. The cold season seems somehow fun with this tissue holder sitting on your coffee table!

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