Man angry at McDonald’s order shoots at TN store

MEMPHIS, TN (WREG) – Police arrested a man on Tuesday after he allegedly fired a gun at a Memphis McDonald’s in October 2021, narrowly missing an employee working at the drive-thru window.

NewsNation affiliate WREG contacted that employee, Terrika Means, by phone on Wednesday and told her about the near-ball rub.

“If I had gone over an inch – just an inch, an inch…that would have been the back of my head,” she said. “I see flashes of it every time.”

According to court documents, the incident began when Charles Connors, 61, got angry at her food order. An employee asked him to wait, but he stopped at the first window and ordered.

“She cashed it in and she came over and said, ‘That man just insulted me,'” Means recalled.

Means said Connors showed up just as there was a shift change for the evening. She spoke to him at the next window.

“I asked him how he was and…I was, like, ‘I’ve just been informed that you’ve just been disrespectful…one of my young daughters and she’s just a young lady, she’s just a daughter,” she said.

The employee told police that when Connors paid for his food, he used a racial slur towards him.

Means said Connors demanded a refund. She handed him the refund, but said he started swearing and shouting racial slurs. Means told him to have a good night and closed the window.

“And when I closed the window and took two steps, I felt the fire go through my neck,” she said.

Connors, according to police, pulled out a handgun, fired into the facility and fled.

Investigators identified Connors as the suspect on Dec. 24 after obtaining his information from the credit card he used moments before the shooting.

Police located Connors on February 8 in East Memphis, a few blocks from where the incident took place.

He is charged with aggravated assault, two counts of criminal attempt to commit a felony and two counts of possession of a firearm.

Although she was not physically injured, the incident shook Means. She said she felt somewhat relieved that Connors was caught.

Means is now asking people to be patient with employees.

“At the end of the day, we want you to understand that we’re doing our best,” she said.

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