Message: Notice of Prohibition Required – Restrictions on Stock Trading Related to Splits – Form 8-K

Notice of Prohibition Required – Restrictions on Stock Trading Related to Splits

As you know, Post Holdings, Inc. (“To post“) transfers a significant part of its interests (the “Spin off“) in BellRing Distribution, LLC (“New ringtone“), which is expected to close in March 2022, on the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in the Transaction Agreement and Plan of Merger entered into on October 26, 2021, as amended on February 28, 2022, and certain other transactions This notice informs you that, during a blackout period (as discussed below) regarding the spin-off that will affect certain participants in the Post Holdings, Inc. savings investment plan, 8th Avenue Food & Provisions, Inc. BellRing Brands, Inc. 401(k) Plan and 401(k) Plan (each individually, a “Plan“and collectively, the”Plans“), directors and executive officers will be prohibited from trading in Company securities (as defined below), whether or not they participate in a plan.

The split will impact post-common equity funds in the plans (the “Equity funds“). Equity funds are unitary stock funds that consist of common shares of Post (the “Plan actions“) as well as a small sum of money. Participants will be temporarily unable to complete certain transactions relating to their Plan Account balances during a period when the Plans Administrator is processing the distribution of New BellRing Shares in accordance with the Spin-Off. The period during which participants will not be able to transfer, sell or carry out other transactions concerning the shares of the plan is called the “Blackout period.” During the Blackout Period, Participants who hold Plan Shares will be temporarily unable to engage in certain transactions involving the Equity Funds, including the following: (1) diversifying or directing investments to or from the Funds equity funds, (2) obtain a full distribution from the plans and (3) exercise certain other rights generally available under the plans with respect to investments in the equity funds (e.g., withdrawals, obtaining In addition, in-kind distributions from equity funds will be restricted during the Blackout Period.

Additionally, pursuant to Section 306(a) of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and BTR Regulation under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, during the Blackout Period, you generally may not enter into a transaction in the shares of View common stock (including derivative securities such as stock options) (“Company titles“), whether or not you participate in a Plan. Specifically, during the blackout period, you are prohibited, directly or indirectly, from buying, selling or acquiring or transferring any securities of the company, including exercising stock options. shares, if you acquired such shares or share awards as part of your service as a director. or postal officer (subject to certain narrow exceptions). This trading restriction includes indirect transactions where you have a pecuniary interest in the transaction (such as transactions by family members, partnerships, corporations or trusts in which you have a pecuniary interest).

The blackout period is currently scheduled to begin at 1:00 p.m. EST on March 10, 2022, and end during the week beginning in March 20, 2022 . We will notify you if the scheduled start of the blackout period changes, and we will notify you in advance if the scheduled end of the blackout period changes, unless it is not possible to provide such notice.

There are limited exemptions to the above restrictions, including: bona fide gifts; transactions involving Company securities that you are able to demonstrate were not acquired in connection with your service or employment as a director or officer; and trades pursuant to a plan to comply with the affirmative defense requirements of Rule 10b5-1, provided that such Rule 10b5-1 plan was not entered into or modified during the Blackout Period and that you were not aware of the actual or approximate start or end dates of the blackout period at the time of the transaction. Proposed transactions should be discussed with Diedre Gray, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer, Company Secretary, before you or your family members take any action regarding Company securities during this period.

Please note that the trading restrictions put in place due to the blackout period are Besides other trading restrictions under Post’s insider trading policy.

Questions regarding this notice or the blackout period (including questions regarding when the blackout period begins or ends) may be directed to Diedre Gray at (314) 644-7600. You may request a paper version of this notice by contacting Diedre Gray. You can also send your questions by mail to:

Post Holdings, Inc.

c/o Diedre Gray, General Counsel

2503 S. Hanley Road

St. Louis, MO 63144

If this notice was delivered to you electronically, you are entitled to receive a paper version of this notice and may request a paper version of this notice at no cost by contacting Diedre Gray as set forth above.

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