Navy veteran and his family offered a new mortgage-free home |


WACO, Texas – Friday was a special day for a disabled Navy veteran and his family as they walked through their fully furnished, mortgage-free home for the first time.

Veteran Marine Staff Sergeant Felipe Tremillo, Jr. and his family have lived in an RV for three years, but that changed when they received the keys to their new home – thanks to Operation Finally the House.

Tremillo, Jr. served for twelve years and, as a result, faced a variety of mental traumas – such as migraines from head trauma and bilateral degeneration of the knee joints – and he never thought of that. he would receive a gift like this.

Operation Finally Home provides mortgage-free housing to injured and injured veterinarians in all states.

“Hayward said to me, ‘You do a lot for people. You always do things for the people in the community, “said Tremillo, Jr ..” I don’t know if you know this organization, but they are building houses for the vets. I was like, ‘I don’t deserve this, man.’ ”

Tremillo, Jr. applied and was surprised by the news on February 2, as they were escorted to a groundbreaking ceremony.

On Friday, they were able to see the finished product in the presence of the families, neighbors and partners who made it.

Sorrells & Co. Design President Steve Sorrell says this is the second project he’s been involved in and it’s an honor to contribute.

“Operation Finally Home does a great job of putting these elements in place and controlling our veterans,” Sorrells said. “Finding truly worthy people is the least we can do. “

HEB helped provide materials to build the house, furnish the house, and do the grocery shopping.

The Tremillo family say they are grateful for their journey and for their faith that has brought them here.

“Walk into something like this, so beautifully decorated,” said Tremillo, Jr .. “My kids have their own rooms, everything is decorated according to their interests and whatever they like. It’s just an absolute blessing. It’s nice.”

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