North Texas Navy Veteran Received Mortgage-Free Home

A US Navy veteran in North Texas received a gift she thought she would never be able to get on her own without years of savings.

A non-profit organization gave him the keys to his new house without a mortgage.

With honor, enthusiasm and gratitude, Luisa Velez and her son were welcomed into their new home on Tuesday.

Irving’s brand new residence is the 200th consecration for a veteran of Operation Finally A Homecoming. This is a project that started modestly in 2005.

“When I told my friends at the battalion what was going on, they were amazed. They said it was the best program anyone could have,” Velez said.

She spent two deployments in Iraq in 2003 and 2004 and worked in military hospitals to stabilize and care for the most seriously injured soldiers. She returned home with PTSD.

“With my PTSD, it made that impossible because being in that same rotation of sick and injured people just put me back in a loop. So I had to take a step back from that,” she said.

Velez now has her own business in the beauty industry specializing in nails, eyelashes and other services.

It was an emotional journey.

“This program has helped me for years,” she said. “Like I’m going to save up for years to do this.”

This is the 200th dedication and the counting of the house.

“We look forward to celebrating our 300-year-old home here in a few years, and we will continue,” said Dan Wallrath, founder of Operation Finally Home.

Operation Finally Home began in 2005 in Houston. They have now completed projects in 32 states.

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