Overview of the law: MPs can’t help with the mortgage

A Bigfork resident asked the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office, asking them to call his mortgage company to let them know he would be a day late. He was told it was not something that MPs could help him with.

A man from Kalispell allegedly banged the windows of a snow plow truck and cursed the driver because the truck beeped while backing up. The man wanted the plow to stop “scraping the school on Sunday morning” and was of the opinion that they did not need to plow since there was no school. Although the driver said he was hired to remove the snow, the hostile man remained upset and wanted law enforcement to stop the snow removal anyway.

A very drunk person reportedly tried to “start things” at a facility in Bigfork where “buttons were being pushed”, and fighting was possibly taking place.

Someone has said that a burglar “took some of the strangest things,” including a bunch of tools, after breaking into a workshop in Kalispell.

A man stood in front of a Kalispell business screaming, screaming and throwing bags.

A man from Kalispell was reportedly upset by his neighbors who called law enforcement about his security cameras and wanted MPs to know the following: he will not answer the phone or the door for law enforcement order and MPs must have a search warrant if they wanted to watch his security cameras.

A Hungry Horse fence was reportedly damaged when someone removed a support bar and attempted to tear off a gate.

A man feared that a woman whose breath smelled of alcohol would drive. She was also hammering her words and wavering.

A man from Kalispell complained that his neighbor was “intentionally blowing snow in his yard”. The neighbor is also said to have “waved his hand and stared”.

A customer debited an unauthorized account at Kalispell.

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