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HELPING STUDENTS IN NEED – Eddie Marks of Brooke High School launched a unique Senior Honors Project that raised $ 2,553 for Bruins Helping Bruins, a pantry and clothes closet operated at school. With Marks, left to right, Bruins Helping Bruins volunteers Jennifer Smith, Charlene Brown and Linda Abercrombie. – Warren Scott

WELLSBURG – Many residents of Brooke County came out of their homes this fall to find 10 paw prints in their backyard.

Shaped as the paw prints of Brooke High School’s brown mascot, the green and gold signs were planted in over 100 residences by Brooke High student Eddie Marks as part of a unique campaign to fundraise for a school pantry and clothes closet.

One of the many high school students at Brooke High School tasked with carrying out a community service project, Marks said he was inspired by civic groups who displayed plastic flamingos outside the homes of unsuspecting citizens.

Just like these efforts, “Recipients” paw prints could pay $ 10 to have them removed and $ 20 to make sure they didn’t come back.

They then chose the next resident to be “it rained” by paw prints.

Product of the Marks campaign, which he nicknamed “A Storm is a Bruin”, went to Bruins Helping Bruins, a pantry and closet for needy students operated in high school.

Hoping to raise $ 500 for the cause, Marks was surprised when he raised $ 2,553.

“People were actually very generous with the donations”, he said, noting that many donated more than $ 10.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I expect so much” said Linda Abercrombie, a retired teacher who is one of a handful of volunteers who oversee Bruins Helping Bruins daily.

Marks, who designed the paw prints, said he used social media to advertise the campaign and “It kind of blew up from there.”

“There were so many people who wanted them” said Marks, who added that three 10-legged sets have been circulating for several weeks during the Bruins’ football season.

Since then, he’s sold a lot to Brooke fans who approached him for them.

Son of Dr. E. Robert and Toni Marks of Wellsburg, he said he chose Bruins Helping Bruins because he knew classmates who were helped by the program.

When Marks and his mother, who helped him plant many paws, came by to present the profits to the pantry, Abercrombie and others were making boxes of food to hand out at Thanksgiving for the families of the high school students and Brooke Colleges. .

She and others fill boxes or backpacks with food and toiletries received by families every week throughout the school year.

Abercrombie noted that other groups are behind backpack programs in county elementary schools.

She said that sometimes older students are more reluctant to carry the backpacks, although older siblings from struggling households have sometimes been the first to ask for help from the pantry.

The option to send a box home was added, with Lee Weppler, the school principal, among those delivering them when schools relied on virtual home education.

“Now Coach Mac (McLean) is taking them to families who cannot get them back” said Abercrombie.

Another volunteer, Charlene Brown, noted that there are various circumstances that lead families to seek help. She recalled a household whose breadwinner had been made redundant from a coal mine and had already taken care of a young person outside of his immediate family.

Abercrombie has noted that as the Christmas holidays approach, she and the others are working to muster a sufficient food supply to help families get through this time.

She said that in addition to non-perishable food items, they welcome donations of gift cards and cash, which they can use to purchase meat and raw fruits and vegetables.

Checks can be made payable to Brooke County Council PTSA, which is a registered non-profit group.

Abercrombie said the clothing closet is adequately stocked at this time.

“We always say that God continues to provide for our needs, and it is true” she said.

Marks is also a Brooke soccer and basketball player and a member of his American Medical Student Section and plans to pursue a career in sports medicine.

He said he was very satisfied with the outcome of his project.

“It kind of showed how Brooke County can come together,” said Marc.

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