Shoemaker loses Rs 3.5 lakh in Forex scam, 3 inmates

Samta Nagar police arrested three people for allegedly duping a shoemaker for Rs 3.5 lakh under the pretext of exchanging US dollars for Indian currency. Two other people, including a woman, are wanted in this case. The defendants were convicted under the relevant articles of the Indian Penal Code for cheating.

The complainant, identified as Mohammad Raju, runs a shoe store based in Virar. Police said he was approached by one of his clients, who wanted to exchange foreign currency. He said his wife had returned from the United States where she worked and wanted to exchange dollars for Indian currencies.

A senior police official said that as a sample, the accused first offered Raju a $ 20 bill, which he verified and found to be genuine. After exchanging the currency and building trust, the accused offered to exchange $ 16,000.

Subsequently, a meeting was set in Kandivali East, during which Raju brought a sum of Rs 3.5 lakh which he gave to the accused, in exchange for the bag with allegedly $ 16,000. Later, when he checked the bag, he found that instead of the US currency, there were only wads of plain paper. He immediately approached the Samta Nagar police and lodged a complaint.

Following this denunciation, a case of cheating was recorded. During the investigation, it was revealed that three of the five defendants were wanted in this case, and subsequently arrested a resident of West Bengal, Aftaab Akhil Shahaji, Virendra Rajbhar of Lucknow and Nepalese national Alam Abdul Khan.

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Posted on: Tuesday November 16, 2021 02:12 AM IST

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