Tax Rate Drops Slightly for NCPL District | News Sun

ALBION — The Noble County Public Library system has seen its tax rate drop slightly for 2022.

Executive Director Sandy Petrie announced the good news during her financial reports Thursday night to the library’s board. The tax rate increased from $0.0815 per $100 assessed valuation to $0.0691 per $100 assessed valuation.

Library revenue exceeded expectations at the final 2021 tax settlement. For operations, total revenue was higher than expected by $29,762.80. The sources of revenue were as follows: taxes, $22,814.34; Taxes on financial institutions, $573.45; Excise taxes on commercial vehicles, $36.71; and Excise taxes, $6,302.72.

For debt, total revenues were higher than expected by $16,909.59, generated by taxes, $13,407.96; Taxes on financial institutions, $287.98; Excise taxes on commercial vehicles, $36.71; and Excise taxes, $3,176.94.

The board approved a resolution to realign various funds in the 2021 budget to close out the year. Petrie said the budget only needed minor adjustments between funds.

Trustees Gwen Jones and Bev Huntsman have each agreed to serve another four-year term on the library’s board. Jones is completing his second term this year and Huntsman is completing his third term. Huntsman’s fourth term will be his final term on the board, as board members are limited to four terms.

Library patrons will be able to make meeting room reservations online once a new website goes live in a few days. Reservations will be opened for periods of six months according to a new price list. The board approved the updated meeting room policy.

The council has agreed to change its Crosswinds benefit fee to continue to provide the staff consultancy benefit. Petrie said the fee increase was still within budget.

After the adjournment of the regular meeting, the Trustees called the required annual meeting of the Library Finance Board. Lori Sprague was elected President and Reta Sherwin was elected Finance Council Secretary, the same positions they hold on the Board of Directors. KPC Media Group has been appointed to publish the library’s legal notices for 2022.

Following the adjournment of the Finance Council meeting, the Trustees met in Executive Session to discuss the annual performance review of the Executive Director.

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