The TDP calls for the intervention of the Union government to put an end to the “abuse and embezzlement” of central regime funds in the PA

TDP Rajya Sabha MP Kanakamedala Ravindra Kumar on Wednesday called for the Union government to intervene to end the “widespread abuse and misappropriation” of funds allocated to various central programs in Andhra Pradesh.

Raising the issue in the Upper House during Zero Hour, he said that in Andhra Pradesh there are almost 40 core programs being implemented for which a huge amount of money has been allocated on a sharing model.

“Some incidents have come to the attention of people, including representatives like myself, that the allocated funds are misused and diverted for other projects in Andhra Pradesh,” Kumar said. TDP chief alleged that the congressional government of the YSR in Andhra Pradesh embezzled Rs 4,000 crore allocated under MGNREGA and that it “chose not to pay the bills” of contractors until now.

Following the intervention of the court, part of the bills were paid. The remaining invoices remain unpaid, ”Kumar added.

In addition, around Rs 400 crore allocated to NTR University has been embezzled. The funds allocated to the state’s listed caste society as well as to local organizations were also embezzled, he alleged.

Alleging “financial anarchy” in Andhra Pradesh, the TDP leader said: “I call on the Center to intervene and instruct the state government not to abuse and divert central programs funds. ” The leader of the TDP said in the upper house that even a Union minister claimed that the government of Andhra Pradesh was embezzling funds sanctioned by central programs.

The minister said that the misuse of central regime funds is widespread in Andhra Pradesh. This trend in the state is very dangerous, ” he added.

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