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The effect is a childish feeling of not having the full context of where you are, just knowing that there is more than you might see around the corner. “It occupies your eye in a soft and comforting way when done right,” adds Nicholas. “We’re kind of playing around with that aspect, changing it to be this really loud, yelling ‘Happy New Year’ thing. You can use it in a way that’s still very loud, but you can fit it into a frame of. every day It’s permeable, like a portal.

Walking into James Veloria in New York’s Chinatown is a heartwarming rush. To begin with, you enter a shopping center under a bridge; then you find yourself walking through a maze of bay windows until you find this place with trompe l’oeil murals, a dark purple carpet, and a wall of silver garlands. Brandon points out that the store’s intention is to make high-end vintage design less intimidating. “I just wanted to feel like you dress at your friend’s house before you go to a party,” he said. “Usually there is fun music to play. It really is the best part of your evening.

AT Rialto Grande, a new bar in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, a golden fringe covers the front windows and draws people into the bar from the street. Jonny Sela, director of operations, said the gold foil was “kind of a happy accident” that resulted when he and owner Andrew Bulger were designing the space. The bar channels everything from old Los Angeles haunts to classic New York dives and the kind of fancy retro eateries that “served, say, different kinds of baked hams.” When it came time to make a soft opening for the friends, they realized that the woodwork was overwhelming the room. The golden bangs were a last minute fix that became a signature.

“That says the fun is going on here right now,” Jonny explains in an email. “This familiarity makes him naturally nostalgic and inviting. For us, there is a part of that athleisure wardrobe attitude. You want to look good, but you don’t want people to think you’ve gone to great lengths or that you take yourself too seriously.

A wall of gold and silver garlands at Confetti System.

Photo: Confetti system

Nicholas and Julie envisioned Confetti System as a “weird twist” of dollar store decor they admired in Chinatown trinket stores. They wanted to handcraft piñatas, fabric flowers, and tinsel garlands, eliminating unfair labor practices and prohibitive wholesale prices. Back then, party decorations weren’t as trendy and materials like Mylar and metallic paper were limited to gift wrap and proms.

“When we started it was like, put it all away, take it out when the party is over,” Nicholas concludes. “These are beautiful things. We like to have them all year round. They get old, they turn pale in the sun. It’s just that feeling of living with something and remembering that day on your birthday.

Almost a year after buying them, I don’t know where I live (that’s a long story!), But I have a grocery bag full of garland curtains ready to hang in my next space. . It was a relief to spot them in the world, a disco night that we can experience together again. Once you set the frequency of the garlands, you can spot them anywhere: nail salon windows, local banks doing a festive promotion, partitions in cafes. We’re all sweaty, we feel weird, and looking for things that shine. We are no longer in the bounded square but in the twinkling lights of the city at night.

Multicolor Sequin Metallic Foil Fringe Curtains

Star curtain in iridescent leaf

GOER 3.2ft x 9.8ft Metallic Tinsel Fringe Curtains for Party Photo Backdrop Wedding Decor (1 Pack, Gold)

Golden fringe garland

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