USD / JPY classic 1: 1 forex swing trade – learn forex [Video]


In this live forex swing trading idea, we cover the forex breakout strategy for the live forex USD / JPY swing trading that we took this week. We have covered the reasons for entering, exiting and managing the USD / JPY swing trade and the importance of psychology in forex trading. On this currency pair, we looked to buy the USD against the JPY as we saw that the price action clearly indicated that there was a possibility of further upside.

If the price action indicates that we have a clear trend in forex, we want to look for possible price action patterns after the price rebound in major forex support areas. If the price action looks nice, we want to look for a clear forex swing trading, day trade, or scalping opportunities, depending on your trading style and trading strategy, plan.

This live forex swing trading video on USD / JPY covers the mindset of trading psychology and trading management for our forex swing trade after price bounced off support and showed us possible momentum. bullish forex price action. Risk management and trading psychology are major keys to consistently remaining profitable for forex traders.

Check out this live video on USD / JPY forex swing trading, management and breakout strategy to improve your trading process. When you learn this forex breakout trading strategy, the technique will allow you to find forex swing trades (or day trades) consistently from week to week. In this live forex swing trading video you will also learn very important tips on your trading psychology and mindset for your long term success in forex trading. In this live forex swing trading video, we discussed the reason for taking this USD / JPY swing trade, forex breakout trading strategy, top down approach using price action, zones of support and resistance, timing and, more importantly, the psychology of trading and risk management. Without these two, you will not be able to be successful as a trader. Remember this !

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