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Bethesda and id Software made the tough decision to cancel QuakeCon last year in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic. QuakeCon is a celebration of id Software’s most iconic games, and prior to 2020 the event had been held annually since 1996. The transition to an online platform, while understandable, was disappointing for many, but the renamed QuakeCon at Home made a positive impression. However. Events that would otherwise have taken place in person have been broadcast via Twitch, and freebies can be entered by engaging with Bethesda’s social media channels.

Last May, it was announced that QuakeCon would once again be held as a digital-only event. Bethesda’s social media accounts, id Software, earthquake, Loss, and other franchises have slowly revealed more information about QuakeCon 2021, but details of the event have yet to be announced. What is certain is that this year’s QuakeCon will take place August 19-21. If previous QuakeCons have something going on, id Software fans and arena shooters in general can look forward to a variety of different events, giveaways, and panels.

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Bethesda Live Stream and Announcements

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Last year, QuakeCon at Home used Twitch to broadcast its panels and presentations, and it will do the same for 2021. Bethesda announced on its website that Twitch viewers can expect “special influence streams. , Bethesda’s own community teams around the world, developer appearances, and game updates. ” QuakeCon is also known for its BYOC (“bring your own computer”) LAN parties, events where attendees can set up their own machines and play with each other. This aspect of the event is now hosted virtually via Twitch teams in an effort to recreate the magic of local play.

Each QuakeCon begins with an introductory presentation in which Bethesda welcomes fans and makes their most exciting announcements. For many, this may just be the culmination of the convention; games like The Elder Scrolls Online and Eternal destiny debuted on those keynotes. To replace last year’s presentation, a pre-recorded welcome video has been produced and, according to the schedule for QuakeCon 2021, Bethesda will be doing something similar this year. Airing live on Thursday, August 19 at 11:00 a.m. PT (2:00 p.m. ET), fans can tune in to watch the convention make its first introductions. While Bethesda has yet to release any information regarding what may or may not be announced, it’s usually a time for big disclosures.

Charitable initiatives and gifts

True to its slogan “Peace, Love and Rockets” and its reputation as the Woodstock of the game, QuakeCon strives to give back to the community. Bethesda, for her part, is no stranger to donating to a good cause, given that she pledged $ 1 million to fight COVID-19 last year. The convention has been successful in raising funds for local, national and even international groups in previous years. This year is no different: Audiences on Twitch will be able to donate directly to Asian Americans Advancing Justice, NAACP Legal Defense, Educational Fund, Trevor Project, and UNICEF. Viewers can expect to see more information about each cause throughout QuakeCon.

Additionally, animal-themed charity t-shirts will be back at QuakeCon 2021 with two new designs: “Catloop” (a feline parody of The Death Loop main characters) and “Pugcubus” (Doom Eternal’s Mancubus reimagined as a pug). In partnership with Custom Ink, all profits from these shirts will be split between two organizations. One of the organizations is Dallas Pets Alive, a longtime Dallas-based QuakeCon pet adoption partner; the other is FOUR PAWS, a worldwide animal welfare organization. Unlike previous years, these models are available on sweaters as well as on t-shirts.

QuakeCon has had various digital promotions over the past few years, and it is to be expected that similar giveaways will be on offer at this year’s convention. In return for a donation to its partner charities, fans can expect discounts (and maybe even free) on downloads of titles like earthquake and Earthquake 2. Additionally, in-game skins and other cosmetics are sure to make a comeback this year, with QuakeCon skins for Tremor Champions and Eternal destiny. Some of these downloads may be urgent, so interested players would do well to follow Bethesda’s official social media updates.

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Competitive Quake and QuakeCon Merchandise

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It wouldn’t be QuakeCon without earthquake, sure. The annual congress earthquake tournament has a tradition that dates back to the very first QuakeCon in 1996. Last year’s tournament saw professional players from all over the world compete against each other in not only the traditional 1v1 earthquake game modes, but also in games like Earthquake 2, LOSS, Elder Scrolls Online, and even Fallout 76. the earthquake Fast-paced gameplay is a natural draw to viewers, and because matches are streamed in real time via Twitch, fans can support their favorite esports athletes live. Last year’s winner Rapha will be back this year to defend his title.

To get into the mind of earthquake, the convention’s online store offers a variety of QuakeCon-themed merchandise. Hoodies, tank tops and t-shirts with the iconic earthquake “Q” are available for purchase, along with Q-shaped pillows and cork boards. The QuakeCon 2020 commemorative barrel mugs return this year in a new design and are available through the convention affiliate, Pecos Pete’s. While these products were previously exclusive to the convention, the online product store is available to those who attend QuakeCon or not virtually.

QuakeCon 2021 will likely feature other attractions as well. Last year’s Cardboard Cosplay Contest will almost certainly be back, and with it, new top spot prizes. In addition to Bethesda’s digital giveaways and promotions, QuakeCon partners like Alienware and ViewSonic have given product giveaways in the past via the convention’s Twitch chat. Matt Heafy, singer / guitarist for Trivium and Lifetime Loss fan, could return to deliver another live performance. After TheSpudHunter’s Absurd Blindfolded Nightmare Difficulty Game Eternal destiny Last year, other wacky challenges could also air at QuakeCon 2021.

The effects of COVID on the entire gaming industry are manifold. From game development to annual conventions, tailoring in-person activities on the fly has become essential to preserving traditions. Particularly disappointing was the decision to make last year’s QuakeCon a digital-only event given that it was the franchise’s 25th anniversary. This year, there isn’t any particularly important anniversary to celebrate, but event organizers will be able to incorporate lessons learned from QuakeCon 2020 to improve the convention. For the two diehards earthquake fans and anyone interested even remotely in Bethesda games, this year QuakeCon is promising.

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